23 - 25 oktoberKockum Fritid Malmö

Prepare to be surprised! Making waves around the world, Liberating Structures (LS) productively and playfully disrupt conventional patterns in how we work together. Come engage, reengage and dive deeper into this repertoire of 33+ simple methods that change the way results are generated without expensive investments, complicated training, or shifts in formal structure.

For the first time, we are bringing a full Liberating Structures Immersion workshop to Scandinavia. There are currently practitioners spread across the region who use LS in health care, social services, agile development, city planning, academia, education, design & innovation and many more contexts. This will be an opportunity to learn alongside these pioneers and understand how LS is being applied to challenges that are complex, messy, nonlinear, and uncertain. We will roll-up-our-sleeves and dig into the repertoire of methods in a way that helps you understand the individual structures AND the underlying logic or organizing pattern that makes them generative & dynamic. Expect to get your hands dirty along the way!

The 2 +1 day learning excursion will unfold in surprising ways, but the basic format you can expect includes:

Day 1: Learning through repetition & pattern recognition.

We will introduce the organizing DNA and anatomy of Liberating Structures in a way that helps everyone understand the logic behind them while repeating structures multiple times.  By the end of this day, you may be equally enthusiastic & confused about the surprising power of Liberating Structures!

Day 2: Developing a versatile repertoire and preparing to practice.
The focus this day will shift towards more elaborate uses of LS - from those that involve a bit more nuance to combining and designing with a string of LS for longer interactions.  You will be familiar enough with the fundamentals  to get started back home with integrity and fidelity to the principles & purposes of the methods.

Day 3: Getting hands-on experience with Liberating Structures in different contexts.

We will be joined for this session by LS pioneers from across the region. These are people who have gotten started on their own and are making tangible progress in a range of settings, situations, and scenarios. Learn from their trials, tribulations, triumphs, and tragedies localizing LS to different complex realities. We will work hands on  with real challenges brought forward by you and other participants and partners 

While the specifics are still being clarified, there are likely to be tracks that resemble:

  • Track 1:  Trust based management
    How do we apply Trust-Based (Public) Management that was ignited by Tillitsdelegationen? Many organizations, especially in the public sector, are exploring the concepts  and we will dive into the practical work of trust, management and control.  
  • Track 2: Learning, innovation  & design
    How can we  syppot learning and unleash innovation and enable groups of any size to work at the top of their intelligence?  The simple rules of LS  put the innovative power once reserved for experts only in the hands of everyone. It might even foster a culture of innovation. 
  • Track 3 Agile development
    Agile and LS have many similar principles and stories. We will explore how you can approach typical challenges in radical new ways - all the way from supporting self organizing teams to the landscape of scaled agile confusion

    The third day will start and end all together so we can integrate learnings between the tracks.

Although its three consecutive days we have designed the Immersion so its possible to just join the first two days or just the last day.

What you can expect from the 2+1 day learning excursion:

  • To gain enough familiarity with 15-20 different Liberating Structures that you can start to use immediately (and imaginatively) for your own purposes
  • To begin noticing the underlying structure of our interactions and how simple variations in the arrangement of those elements can deliver different results
  • To gain a better understanding of how strategies and practises better can support change when challenges are complex and messy. 
  • To feel what can happen when Liberating Structures are used to organize interactions in a community
  • To engage in seriously playful curiosity with dynamic people
  • To engage in a bit of creative destruction while in the company of supportive, encouraging, and experienced peers.
  • To discover something about yourself through the group of participants that assembles.


Welcome to Malmö and Kockum Fritid. The venue is really a place for community and overlocks the sea and our neighbour Copenhagen. We encourage people to come as a team and use this as an oppurtunity to build community. Having colleagues who you can lean on, tap for a design consultation, or support you when something unexpected happens is a huge benefit. We have a special configuration where you can bring up to  5 people in your organization for a flat rate.

Please get in touch if you would like to attend but the fees makes it impossible. Our goal is to be generous. We invite you to a conversation about what could make your participation possible!

Register before 10th October


Questions, suggestions or ideas,  please get in touch!

Anders Linse 
email: anders.linse@hiq.se                           Tel: +46768 800 803

David Ershammar
email: david.ershammar@omtank.se      Tel  +46707166089


We have assembled a team to lead the workshop that should inspire both confidence and curiosity. Collectively, our group includes people who have been working with transformation of the mental health sector, agile coaches, modern dancers, medical device specialists, community activists, leaders of government & civic innovation & design teams, in the classroom collaborating with students to shape their own learning, social workers and software developers, sculptirs, process consultants, scrum masters and improvisational structuralists. We all spend a lot of our time supporting leaders, teams and organisation to transition into ways of working together that unleashes everybody’s potential, foster new solutions and streangthen relationships.

We maintain a commitment to learning through practice and supporting communities to author their own experience. Our collaboration for this workshop is inspired by the mutual relationship that has been developed between us for the past 2+ years offering different learning experiences in Malmo & Copenhagen.

Welcome to join!

Fisher Qua (US), Anna Jackson (US), Anders Linse (SWE), David Ershammar (SWE), Elin Turesson, Kim Lindberg (SWE) and Maryanne Kmit (DK)

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About Liberating structures

Some ways of describing Liberating Structures:

  • Simple social technologies that try to distribute participation more widely while drawing out greater difference and variation within groups
  • Familiar facilitation approaches that have been specified & ordered in a particular way
  • Novel patterns for organizing people to collaborate and mutually shape their work together
  • Tiny methods that make it possible to productively engage and benefit from complexity instead of flattening, ignoring, and pushing it away

What we've seen LS making possible:

  • Teachers and educators sharing more freedom & responsibility in classroom to shape learning in partnership with one another
  • Leaders in public sector grow deeper trust between each other and with their employees solving strategic questions in new ways. 
  • Individuals gaining a different view of themselves and the inherited habits/behaviors/practices that prevent fresh approaches to their work
  • Business partners, families, and friends developing more capability to face down uncertainty with greater ease, imagination, and confidence.
  • People from diverse backgrounds in a community come together to learn, plan and act to create more inclusive solutions
  • Agile and Scrum teams immediately changing the way they do sprint planning, retrospectives, and daily stand-ups. Surprisingly positive impact in larger agile organization where communication & self organization between teams, units improve, innovation is supported and new energy flows in the big room planning sessions.
  • Scientists and research engineers finding ways to synthesize and integrate the key insights from their deep domain expertise in order to generate novel ways of making progress on entangled problems (like climate modeling)
  • Conference participants discovering longer term connections and ideas that endure over time
  • Leadership teams becoming more cohesive and able to tap into the collective intelligence of their people in a way that generates better than expected results
  • Product & innovation groups finding ways to strengthen their portfolios and act with greater strategic and tactical agility
  • Healthcare providers & systems increasing relational coordination while preventing the spread of super-bugs and other counter-productive behaviors

More on Liberating Structures here. LS are made available through a Creative Commons License by Keith McCandless & Henri Lipmanowicz:

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